About Granot


Granot is a regional organization owned by 43 Kibbutzim and Moshavim located in the center of Israel, between Tel Aviv and Haifa. Granot Cooperative includes 20 factories and corporations, mainly focused on agriculture and the needs of the Kibbutzim, their communities and members.
Granot has an aggregated annual turnover of approximately 3 billion NIS from a variety of fields, including: agriculture, holdings and finances, agricultural industry, instruction and training, energy, infrastructure and more. Many of its resources are dedicated to aiding, maintaining and developing agriculture on Granot farms through unique models and collaboration between Granot and its Kibbutzim. These include growing avocadoes and citrus fields, maintaining ranches, poultry and more.

Concurrently, 7 additional regional organizations operate and collaborate in Israel in various fields that relate to life on a Kibbutz. These regional organizations have mutual holdings in Tnuva and Alon, making the Kibbutzim a leading and prominent factor in developments and decisions that relate to the Israeli market in general.

Granot's Farms

Approximately 20,000 men, women and children reside on all 43 of Granot’s Kibbutzim and Moshavim and are considered members of the Granot cooperative. They are the motivation behind all activities and operations taking place within the corporations and subsidiaries.
The regional organization’s inception was spontaneous. In the early 40’s of the 20th century, neighboring Kibbutzim began purchasing materials and equipment together, in order to develop agriculture, which was their primary source of income.
Over the years this collaboration evolved and became the largest and most stable regional cooperation in Israel, supporting and encouraging agriculture and agricultural industries, whilst aiding the farms as needed.
Each farm has holdings in Granot cooperative and a representative in the farms general assembly. In addition, the organization’s committees and public administration include about 100 members of the farms. Contributions made by the farm’s representatives are essential to consolidation of the relations between Granot and its owners on the one hand, whilst providing constant appraisal of daily activities and future growth directions.

Relations with the Farms

All operations undertaken by Granot, its corporations and subsidiaries are directed towards the needs of Granot farms and their residents. Collaborations between the organization and the farms have developed over the years in accordance with these needs in a number of ways:
Financial support and accompaniment. This includes consultations and accompaniment prior to reaching key decisions that impact life on the Kibbutzim, development plans and financial growth, aid in crisis management and handling extreme situations, and by providing loans to Kibbutzim.
Public Relations. This includes all interactions between Granot and its farms that are not based on the organization’s core agricultural activities. Amongst these activities Granot maintains professional forums for functionaries on the Kibbutzim, mutual visits and more.

Corporations and Subsidiaries

The corporations and subsidiaries are the executive branch of the cooperative, carrying out the decisions made by the Granot administration and the organization’s general assembly. The leading corporations include Ambar – Israel’s largest animal feed mill enterprise and Avocado Granot in the field of horticulture. The organization’s ongoing operations run through Granot ltd, responsible for financial administration and external holdings, and Granot factories that manages in-house activities and the real-estate.
Miger and Siben combine subsidiary operations in – Granot citrus, Rimon, Meyram, Agrostudies, Granot Energix, ONE1 and more.
Each of the corporations in Granot has an owners’ council (farms), a directorate and limited management teams responsible for daily operations in accordance with the work plans, demands and goals set by the owners. Each of Granot’s corporations distributes its profits once a year to the owners in accordance with the Granot Farms’ holdings index.

Cooperative Models

Over the years models for cooperation between Granot and its farms have been developed, the most prominent of which is the “Granot Orchards” model – via which Granot encourages constant agriculture development by planting and caring for orchards and avocado groves on Granot’s farm properties.
Committees, Management and the Farm General Assembly. About 100 representatives of Granot farms participate in ongoing activities and work at Granot by partaking in the Farms general assembly, in Granot’s public administration, Ambar and Granot Avocado and in Granot committees: delegations, reviews, finances and payments.